Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker

9F9E5333-546B-4A71-9846-3A673A470E5F_4_5005_cMarketing, no matter the business or person, is always a challenge. This is even more so for independent (indie) authors who, initially at least, have never been exposed to such a world. Consequently, anything that provides quality insight into it is very welcome.

The author, Mark Coker, is the founder of Smashwords, a publishing and distribution platform he designed for the primary purpose of helping unknown, individual, independent authors. He was motivated to do this when he and his wife encountered difficulties in getting their first book published and available to a general readership. This was back in 2005. The Smashwords site was launched in 2008.

Mark Coker’s background is public relations, that, combined with his own subsequent experience with Smashwords, makes him an ideal author for a book about book marketing.

Every aspect of book marketing an author may think of, and some they probably have not, are covered: Author Branding; Platform Building; E-Mail; Blogging; The Media; Social Media; etc. In other words anything/any source where a book’s existence and content may be publicised. A wide range of tactics are considered and discussed in detail including ways for the author to make their book(s) the best possible. It should be pointed out some suggestions specifically home in on various facilities available within the Smashwords environment however, this does not detract from the information shared, nor would it hurt for authors to consider trying some of them out.

This is an ideal book for those new to authoring and book marketing. It is easy to follow and understand, comprehensive and far reaching. Naturally, it is entirely up to the reader whether they implement some or all of the ideas presented but it is a useful guide. Authors who have been on the path for a while will undoubtedly find much is not new to them nevertheless, it does not hurt to be reminded, from time to time, of what is available. Smashwords Book Marketing Guide deserves a place in any authors reference library.

Publishing, The Internet, and Social Media constantly evolve consequently, the author, generously it must be said in view of the extra work and time required, regularly publishes updated editions. This review relates to the 2018 edition though readers should note the 2020 one is now available.

The book is available from multiple retailers including the author’s own Smashwords publishing site and Amazon. Again, very generously, Mark Coker has made this book free though there may be one or two retailers who attach a small price.

Smashwords (available in formats to suit all devices: Smartphone (iPhone & Android); Tablet; E-Reader (including Kindle); Computer; etc.) 

Authors who would like to know about publishing with Smashwords may find further information in the previous article Publishing With Smashwords.

Disclaimer: Other than publishing through the platform and using its services, neither T. R. Robinson Publications nor T. R. Robinson have any affiliation to or with the Smashwords company or organisation. Nor do either receive any remuneration for referring to it.

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