8 Editing Processes

A798F5AB-2156-499C-86C2-9784EB0D4D3CMany authors, probably the majority, find the prospect of editing their own work frustrating and intimidating. Of course, if the resources are available, the best option is to employ a professional editor. Even then, authors should have undertaken some self-editing prior to despatching the manuscript. There are various elements to editing and it is important not to confuse it with proof-reading. Each has a different aim and cannot replace the other, even though the terms are frequently used interchangeably.

A previous article Editing Your Own Work examined the issue in detail and suggested some processes to help. The following infograph is based upon that article.


Editing is crucial if the author truly wishes to produce the best book they can. Hopefully this infograph will assist them with this important task.

One thought on “8 Editing Processes

  1. As a pantser I make so many mistakes and plot holes that my manuscript amendments are not just fixing errors, but rewriting huge chunks entirely. This was a nice post. Thanks for sharing!

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