Author Spotlight – Jill Dobbe

A85E476E-2995-4295-8BD1-93F97B88C23CCaveat: The following has been gleaned from information in the public domain without the prior knowledge of the author. Consequently, the writer bears no responsibility with regard to accuracy. All information has been interpreted or reproduced ‘as found’.

Jill is an international educator, travel writer, amateur photographer, and author of three travel memoirs who writes about her experiences living and working in schools and countries around the world. She presently lives in her seventh country, Honduras, with her husband and Yorkie-Poo, Mickey. While working as an elementary principal, Jill continues to read, write and take photos of the beautiful people and countries of Latin America, while muddling her way through the Spanish language. Jill loves her life as an international educator and traveler, and most days feels like she is living her dream.

Jill also admits to, ‘… making a few cultural faux pas along the way.’.

There is no question Jill Dobbe and her husband Dan are an intrepid couple. When first setting out on their international teaching career, primarily in non-industrialised countries, their children, who they took with them, where but one and two years of age. Many thought them mad but time has proven them not to be.

A lot more about this author, her family, and her adventures may be gleaned from reading her memoirs. Further information about Jill and her books may also be found at the following:


Amazon Author Page



Disclaimer: Other than being a reader of her books and ‘friends’ through social media, Neither T. R. Robinson Publications nor T. R. Robinson have any commercial or financial affiliation with Jill Dobbe. Nor do either receive any remuneration for mentioning or sharing information relative to the author.

Jill has previously participated in an author interview which may be enjoyed here.

All three of Jill’s existing memoirs have been reviewed in this website.

Click on the appropriate cover image to read review.

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