Stasis by Ernesto San Giacomo

32A5C00F-6AB4-4F08-9866-D04F969D20EB_4_5005_cIs this just a work of fiction or a timely warning? It must be considered both. As the blurb makes clear, this short story revolves round one man’s encounter when returning to society after a lengthy absence. An encounter it is hoped no one reading this review will have to experience.

It is a warning of what could potentially occur if citizens fail to resist an overbearing, supposedly protective regime. If they give up their freewill and cow-tow to those they have placed, or who have manoeuvred themselves, into positions of political authority. The scenario is all too much a reflection of some modern day administrations and also of the inherent dangers in others.

Despite being a very short story, the author has created clear, relatable, characters and locations. The tale flows smoothly, effectively enabling the reader to take the unexpected surprises in their stride. Admittedly the specific situation encountered is a bit farfetched nevertheless, it helps emphasis the haunting possibilities. The ensuing, almost inevitable, tussle of wills is well portrayed, reminding readers they have a responsibility within their own cultures.

Nothing further may be said without spoiling the enjoyment for prospective readers.

The book is available in digital (ebook) format.  



Ernesto San Giacomo is the author of several books.

He has recently participated in an interview that may be accessed here.

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