Over the years occasional consideration has been given to the topic of providing a newsletter for this website however, various concerns prevented moving forward upon the idea. Some of these have now been addressed and it is considered followers and regular visitors to the website, and integrated blog, may benefit from the addition of a newsletter option. These would provide dedicated information that will hopefully enhance what is already shared within the website and blog articles.

The newsletter facility has now been set up. The following is a resume of potential content that subscribers may be interested in:

  • Updates relating to T. R. Robinson Publications;
  • New resources made available;
  • Recommended facilities, services, and resources;
  • Occasional competitions;
  • Advanced notice of forthcoming publications by authors who have some connection with T. R. Robinson Publications;
  • Latest publication news;
  • Most popular articles or posts;
  • Anything else considered will be of interest.

An undertaking is given not to send spam or to otherwise misuse the information provided as part of the signup process, as outlined in the Privacy Policy.

Frequency of the newsletter is yet to be decided. Ultimately it will depend upon uptake and interest shown. In the meantime the proposal is for a regular quarterly one with occasional interim communications when there is something considered will be of help or interest to readers. Again, assurance is given not to send spam.

Anyone interested may subscribe from the subscription template in the sidebar or from the button below.

Both lead to a subscription page where basic details are entered.

To fully comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the subscription request has to be confirmed from the email subsequently received.

(If not seen within reasonable time the spam/junk folder should be checked.)

To ensure future receipt to inbox, the newsletter address should be added to contacts.

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