NEW! Author Craft Resources

Authoring in the modern world is challenging no matter whether traditionally published or independent. For the latter it is even more so because they have to undertake every task imaginable.

To help those who may be struggling, and even those who are not, a variety of resources, as outlined below, are now available through this website.

These may also be accessed by means of the Resources tab above.


Podcasts are a poplar form for entertainment and enhancing knowledge while on-the-go. With the accessibility of mobile devices, they also facilitate multitasking. Something many find a necessity in their busy lives.

A number of author craft podcasts are available from this website. They may be accessed from the Podcasts page.

Note: There are also podcast extracts and introductions for several books.


The old adage ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ remains valid, especially in modern visually orientated society. This may be extend to include text based information presented in visual format (often referred to as presentations or slide shows).

Some author craft presentations, which may be either viewed in self-play format or as self-paced work throughs, are available. Both options may be accessed from the Presentations Page.


A worksheet may have a variety of uses.

At present there are none generally available from this website. When there are, they will be designed to assist authors in determining some fact or facts relating to an aspect of their author craft. They may also help increase or improve knowledge.

In principle these will pose questions and provide a panel for the author to note their answers, which may then be utilised to hone the task in hand. Where considered appropriate brief guidance may be supplied.

As they become generally available, details will be added. Watch this space!


In an author’s busy life there are constant lists of things to attend to and it is easy to forget a step in the midst of all the activity. Checklists are a way to organise what needs doing and ensure everything gets done.

A checklist is primarily a list of tasks to be undertaken with tick boxes to show when each has been completed.

To assist authors, a series of checklists are available from the Checklists Page.


An infographic is generally a condensed visual presentation of information that comprises minimal text. The aim is to provide easy-to-understand overviews for specific topics.

Infographics are useful ready-reference aids which may be kept handy as quick reminders. (Sometimes referred to as Desk Aids.)

A number are available from the Infographics Page.


Notification of new resources, as they become generally available, will be provided either through social media or by means of this website’s newsletter. Subscribe by means of the sidebar template or from the button below.

Both lead to a subscription page where basic details are entered.

To fully comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the subscription request has to be confirmed from the email subsequently received.

(If not seen within reasonable time the spam/junk folder should be checked.)

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