Emotional Beats by Nicholas C. Ross


The sub-heading to this is book ‘How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings’ sets the ethos for the content very well.

The book essentially comprises lists of differing emotions combined with vast array of alternative descriptive phrases and sentences a writer could utilise. The author has taken time to note how he describes an emotion and how authors of books he has read portray them. It is from these longterm observances the lists have been created. Certainly a work of dedication, it must have taken ages.

Where an emotion is not immediately self evident or may be interpreted as defining more than one reaction, the author has kindly offered explanations and expansions. With these and many others, lists of synonyms, metaphors, examples, and alternatives are also incorporated, all of which help comprehension.

Authors are frequently told to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ e.g. convey a reaction by means of painting a picture in words as opposed to a straight forward statement explaining what is going on. This method makes it much more enjoyable and relatable for readers and is more likely to engage their own emotions. This book will prove a very useful resource toward achieving the ‘show’ style. It is certainly one authors should consider for their reference libraries.

One word of warning: most of the content is set out in tables consequently, when utilising an e-reading device, there may be some formatting issues. However, these do not detract unduly from the reader’s ability to understand, enjoy, and absorb the content.

As indicated, this is a book to dip into whenever a writer wishes to find a different way to express something familiar. The standard, often cliche phrases are listed but along with many alternatives which may be used per se or in part.

The book is available in digital (ebook) and paperback format.

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