Christmas 2020

As the name implies Christmas is a christian event celebrating Christ. It is when christians are reminded of God’s gift of redemption (saving from the eternal consequences of sin).

There is also a message for ALL people irrespective of whether they adhere to the Christian faith; another faith, or no faith.

‘Good Will To All Men.’

Over the year, consequent of the Covid-19 pandemic, many acts of kindness and generosity have been witnessed. Nevertheless, as a cursory observance of social and political interaction, in life, on social media, and in the news, clearly indicates, good will, respect, and consideration are often lacking.

Though it should be under constant examination, Christmas provides an opportunity to focus on the message of Good Will and not just in the emotional tones of a Christmas carol. We are all responsible for our own behaviour and for creating the world we live in.

May Good Will be yours by Act and Experience.

Wishing you all A Merry Christmas


A Happy Holiday

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