A Year In the Life of Andrea Coe by Lucinda E Clarke

From the start this engaging thriller captivates the reader’s emotions. They will undoubtedly come to: dislike, even hate; feel frustrated and powerless; experience deep felt annoyance and irritation; wish they could intervene, and more. The mixed characteristics of manipulation, weakness, and belligerence will draw deeply upon any reader who harbours the slightest sense of right and wrong, and what constitutes appropriate behaviour. There is no argument the characters are well formed, and not just the principle protagonists. This book is a further example of the author’s excellent writing skills.

The tale provides an example of how supposed friendships can turn out to be anything but. How, people may seek to take advantage of a more sensitive, less robust, soul. How, the apparent lack of gratitude may, in part, hold a secret. How a hurtful abandonment can be motivated by the very opposite. The story keeps the reader engaged throughout and though the motivation becomes clear early on they will still find themselves being drawn forward.

The first half of the book is occupied with setting up the scenario and reason for the cruel, underhanded, treatment. Some readers may feel this is a little too prolonged however, once into the main action, they will find their preconceived ideas and conclusions seriously challenged. They may find themselves holding their breath until the true facts are revealed and the story reaches its conclusion. However, will they find their tensions released or feel there is justice at the end? It would spoil it for potential readers to say more in this short review.

This is the second book in Lucinda’s psychological thriller series and, though it would be possible to read it as a standalone, the reader would benefit from having read the first ‘A Year In the Life of Leah Brand’. This tale is essentially a continuance of the first with references to events therein which will lose some of their impact without knowledge of the previous incidents.

The book is available in paperback and digital (eBook) formats.



2 thoughts on “A Year In the Life of Andrea Coe by Lucinda E Clarke

  1. Hi Tanya,
    Thanks for that recommendation! I have only read one of Lucinda’s books and that was her memoir. It’s time I look at some of her other genres! And with my goal of reading and reviewing 75 books this year, this gives me excellent motivation!

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    1. I am impressed with your reading goal Amy. I never set a target because with various demands my reading time is limited and I already have a lengthy TBR (to be read). Lucinda is a talented author who writes in various genre. If you prefer memoir to fiction you may enjoy some of Lucinda’s other ones. If you enter ‘Lucinda’ in the search bar (in the sidebar) a list of those of her books reviewed here will show. Alternatively, you could look at her Amazon author profile.


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