Seeking Solace: Finding Joy After Loss by Amy L. Bovaird

In this memoir the author shares her experience of three different and difficult types of loss. The loss of her babies; the loss of her marriage; and the loss of a loving father. Other losses are also mentioned (loss of sight and loss of her mother) but do not form an integral part of this account.

To deal effectively with each loss the book is broken into three sections. Each begins with an overview of the circumstance under discussion which is then followed by a series of chapters that expand upon the author’s experience. To each devotionals, intended to inspire, guide, encourage, and help readers, are added.

Throughout Amy’s faith, trust, and reliance, upon God’s grace is constantly evident. However, unlike others who do not, sensing a need to cover their accounts in constant positivity because of their professed faith, truly share the reality of their emotional and mental difficulties, these accounts are honest and very real. The author reveals her raw humanity and very real difficulties, at no time adopting a rose-coloured spectacles viewpoint. Though these accounts never go into unnecessary gratuitous detail they do cover all that is pertinent. The reader is left in no doubt of the very real, sometimes longterm, struggles the author faced. Her honesty is to be commended.

The writing style combined with the short, concise, sections make this book easy to read, even though for those of a sensitive nature it may be upsetting. Readers will find themselves sympathising and empathising. They will also find admiration for the author’s positive and trusting attitude in the face of adversity and painful loss and for her strong faith.

The book is available in paperback, digital (e-book), and audio formats. It also has text to speech enabled and supports screen reading. Due to her own sight loss Amy Bovaird is aware of other sight challenged people’s need.

The book, including a Large Print edition, is also available from the author’s website.

Click anywhere in this sentence to also read the review of Amy’s book Cane Confessions that provides an account of some her experiences with sight loss.

4 thoughts on “Seeking Solace: Finding Joy After Loss by Amy L. Bovaird

  1. Oh my gosh, TR, I am thrilled and delighted by your review, to put it lightly!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on this book.
    It has so encouraged me!

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  2. This is the only book by Amy I haven’t read yet, and after reading your review, I feel I must do so. I have enjoyed all her other books and love her positive attitude too. Thank you, Tanya!

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