Creating Characters – Worksheet

A previous article Creating Characters considered some of the elements needed for an author to provide the best, on-page, readable, engaging, characters for readers of their books. The truth is, for most, it is not an easy process. A further truth is, as most will acknowledge, only a small percentage of the overall information available is utilised for any presentation whatever its nature or purpose. Naturally, when it comes to creating believable characters authors will utilise their observations of real people: how they act, idiosyncrasies, habits, attitudes, etc., as well as insights they may gain from the reading of other author’s characters. These provide a lot of detailed information which is hard for anyone without a photographic mind to keep to the forefront of their thoughts when writing. Each element will have its part to play and it will be a shame if something valuable is overlooked simply because the author is unable to readily recall it. To try and help with this process an initial level worksheet has been created.

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