Author Newsletter Content – Survey Results



A few months ago authors and readers where asked in Survey – Author Newsletter Content to indicate the type of content they would like to see in an author newsletter. The results are now in.



The three questions posed, together with responses follow:

What do you like to see in an author’s newsletter?

Interviewees were asked to  select as many as were appropriate to them.

80.0% – Details of new books published by the author? 

60.0% – Insights into the author’s writing methods and habits?

29.6% – Latest news regarding publication sites and services?

25.9% – Accessible author tools?

44.4% – Recommended author resources or tools?

58.3% – Competitions in which you may win something free?

52.0% – Notice of new publications by other authors?

29.2% – Other (A variety of comments, questions, and observations were added which, where appropriate, will be addressed in a subsequent newsletter. Regrettably, circumstances prevented this being done in the next one that is due in a few days. Apologies to any waiting for an earlier response: such is life.)

How often do you like to receive a newsletter?

Interviewees were asked to select one.

56.0% – Monthly?

19.23% – Bimonthly?

16.7% – Quarterly?

8.3% – Only when something new?

8.3% – Other (Comments point to some preferring not to receive newsletters and others only if they are written in personal voice. It is not possible to judge if these are representative of the majority but the indication is not.)

Do you mind receiving interim newsletters?

Interviewees were asked to select one.

37.5% – No

12.5% – Yes

29.2% – Unsure

24.0% – Mixed (e.g. sometime okay but not always). (Comments under the Mixed option clarified recipients only prefer interim newsletters if there is something ‘significant’ or ‘important’ to convey.)

Survey Analysis

Overall the majority of recipients like to hear of new publications by the author and insights into their writing habits. These are followed, unsurprisingly, with interest in competitions from which they may win something free.

Over half like to receive a newsletter monthly and most do not mind receiving interim newsletters but principally only when there is something of value to convey.

Thanks are extended to all who took the time to participate. Responses have provided food for thought that will be taken into account for future newsletters.


Anyone reading this, who has not subscribed so far may be interested to read the current proposed contents for newsletters from this site here

The next newsletter is due in a few days. It will contain publishing updates; assessment of a new author resource; a new free author tool; details of latest or forthcoming publications.  Subscribe NOW to receive it and a FREE bonus download of which there is a choice:

Click upon the red link of your choice. 

Free memoir. (Can a child’s innocent voice avert a tragedy?)

Free Proofreading Checklist. (It is not easy for authors to proofread their own work. This check list has been designed to help with the task.)

Free Creating Characters Worksheet. (With so many elements to a characters persona it can be hard keeping them all in mind whilst writing. This worksheet is designed to help.)

If subsequent newsletter contents do not suit or meet expectations, the option for easily unsubscribing at any time exists.

As mentioned some questions and observations were posed in response to the survey which, where appropriate, will be dealt with in the next but one newsletter.

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