African Ways by Valerie Poore

This pleasant to read memoir is a record of the author’s life during her sojourn in rural South Africa (Natal), together with her husband and two very young children.

The easy flowing, descriptive narrative enables the reader to fully employ their imagination and thereby visualise the settings in which this brave woman found herself. Indeed even for those who have never been to the continent it creates a sensual appreciation of what it must be like (supported by the images and photographs viewable through television, film, and in books).

The author’s humour, consideration, and understanding are evident throughout and truly make this an interesting, informative, and engaging read. Though the majority of the accounts deal with everyday experiences and circumstances, at no stage do they become tedious, boring, or irritating. In truth these have the effect of drawing the reader in to the extent of them feeling part of each event.

Though this is primarily intended to be a memoir of the families experiences it also provides an insight into the lives of the indigenous populace. Without ignoring the consistent hardships and deprivations encountered by the local people, the author shares interesting accounts of daily life, again with a light and humorous touch. These accounts effectively become biographies of those she engaged with, adding a further dimension to this enjoyable book. The author’s affection for the Natal people is ever evident as is her love for the land.

Anyone in the least bit interested in, or curious about, Africa will find this book a worthwhile, engaging, and informative read to which they may well return. The easy flow, light, humorous, style draws the reader in and truly makes this an enjoyable distraction from everyday life or a pleasant interval from tedious chores, though it really deserves to be read for its own right. There is much to enjoy and learn in and from it.

The book is available in paperback and digital (ebook) formats.

One thought on “African Ways by Valerie Poore

  1. Hi Tanya,
    Great review of Val’s memoir. I can’t remember if I read this one or not. I’m pretty sure I did. She has a couple of memoirs out about South Africa. I also enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this review. Now I have to go and see which book I’ve read for sure, so I can read the one I haven’t.
    Thanks again!

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