Author Brand – New Podcasts: Hosted v Self-Hosted Website & Website Design

Podcasts, by facilitating multitasking, enable busy people not to miss out on information they may want or are interested in. In addition, the on-demand and ease of access nature, makes them an increasingly popular medium; as evidenced by the amount of people going about their business with earbuds inserted or headphones adorning their various hairstyles.


Regular readers of this website and blog may have forgotten, and irregular visitors may have missed, there are a number of author related podcasts available. There are also several short introductory ones for some of T. R. Robinson’s books. These may be accessed from under the Resources tab above.

Two (2) new Podcasts have been added:

Note: The links below lead to one podcast site however, alternatives, for those who have a preferred provider, may be found on the podcasts page.

Click the podcast title to access.

Author Brand – Episode 4: Hosted verses Self-Hosted Websites

(What are the differences and which is most suitable for authors?)

Author Brand – Episode 5: Website Design – The Basics

(Make a website attractive and user friendly for audiences.)

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