Delphine by Suzy Stewart Dubot

Sometimes a reader simply wants to enjoy a pleasant, relaxing book, especially if their normal intake is full of action and trauma. This story meets such criteria though in no manner may it be considered a dull or boring read. On the contrary, the tale draws the reader forward.

There may not be any great drama but there is the intrigue of discovering how each of the characters lives will unfold and where they will end up. The author keeps the reader guessing even though at times they may feel the subsequent outcomes are a foregone.

The book is categorised as falling in the Historical Regency Romance genre and indeed many will identify it as a cosy romance. It certainly has that feel. However, it is not just a book about romantic attraction. The more serious elements of how women were perceived and the rules under which they were obliged, or rather forced, to live are brought out. In fact the account goes further in that it also highlights some of the social barriers and constraints all citizens were subjected to. Not to follow convention could lead to serious ostracisation no matter the person’s standing.

The tale is a good example of how, without the slightest realisation on the individual’s part, someone may impact those they encounter. It is also an example of how an infatuation can lead to all sorts of confusion, unrealistic hopes, and unwarranted projected conclusions.

Along with the romantic and social content there is wonderful humour. The cheekiness, especially on the part of the protagonist and one other character, is fun to observe.   

As indicated, there are no great surprises, even if some outcomes are not initially foreseen by the reader. Nevertheless, as also implied, this is an enjoyable, relaxing, and fun read many will enjoy, even some of those who would never have considered reading a book in this genre before.

The book is available in paperback and digital (ebook) formats.

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Suzy Stewart Dubot is a prolific author who writes in a mix of genre.

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  1. Thank you so much, T.R.. Your post seriously warmed my heart as so few people write any sort of review. I much appreciate the time you spent reading the book and then commenting. Have a pleasant weekend!

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