T. R. Robinson (Tanya) is the author of a short series of abridged memoirs and a semi-biographical novel. After a full, eventful and busy life she is now retired and enjoys the opportunity to continue with her writing in the autobiography; biography; memoir and fiction genres.

Why no photograph?

In my writing I am honest, utterly truthful and generally uncompromising. Many of the experiences recorded, both my own and those of relatives and friends, were violent, cruel and painful. Consequently, descriptions of the perpetrators are, naturally, ugly, unpleasant and critical. Having suffered in my own life I have no wish to impose upset, embarrassmttr-circ-2ent or public shame upon the relatives, descendants or friends of those people nor upon my own family. Of course this also means the instigators cannot be identified. However, I had to decide upon the most considerate approach. As I have indicated in some of my books, many people would easily recognise me from any photograph I may post and, as a consequence, those I have been associated with.

The ‘RTR’ image has been adopted as my professional identifier and appears on the spine and back covers of paperback editions of my books. It is also used throughout all my social media and other professional accounts.

What prompted me to write?

For many years I struggled with the concept of writing my story. I was embarrassed and ashamed of what had been done to me. Neither did I consider my life had been unusual and therefore worthy of publication. However, over the years many people have confided in me details of their own lives and I came to realise mine and that of my ancestors had been anything but ‘normal’. Though I remained uncertain as to whether anyone would be interested in reading our tales I decided to go ahead, considering it would wrong to let our stories be lost to prosperity.

I admit it was painful and difficult to recall much of what I share in my abridged memoirs; it had been, and still is, as if I were reliving the experiences all over again. As mentioned my ancestor’s also had remarkable lives but with these stories I have chosen the novel style. I do not have all the details and thought it would be more entertaining for readers to adopt this method.

My Interests

I enjoy gardening. From my earliest years I have gained great pleasure in watching how plants and trees grow and develop, it is truly fascinating and exciting. How they survive harsh weather conditions both cold and hot and bud and flower again in the spring is truly a marvel. I also gain a sense of real achievement when I see seeds or stones I have planted come to fruition. And of course I love the aromas and colours of flowers and fruit tree blossoms.

As a very young child I had many pets each of which I loved intensely. Unfortunately, after those early years I was unable, with one exception, to have pets. Nevertheless, I do love animals and take great pleasure in watching them both in life and in documentary, natural history television programmes. I get very incensed when an animal is treated badly and often say that the owner should be subjected to the same treatment to see how they like it. Of course I have never actually done such a thing but it is often very tempting.

I also have an avid interest in current affairs both national and international, although I do get upset at the injustice and violence that is so often reported. Why do people have to be so cruel and inconsiderate to each other? So often wars are simply the result of stubborn, selfish, proud men.

Reading: as recoded in my memoirs, my enjoyment of reading (and football) was literally kicked out of me. Nevertheless, I have since struggled to overcome the physiological impact and chose to read as and when time permits; there are many demands upon me so free time is limited. As a matter of principle I always write and post reviews; I think it only fair to the author and fellow readers to do so.

Visiting National Trust or similar properties, especially the gardens, and places of natural beauty are also events I thoroughly enjoy.

In summary

As you see, although I have had such a dramatic and eventful life, I am surprisingly fairly normal and enjoy many traditional pleasures. I am grateful to say despite doctor’s warnings that, due to my experiences, there was a possibility of me losing my sanity at the change of life, I have retained my senses and still have a very active mind, sometimes too active.

I hope you will find my books and stories and the variety of different things I share interesting and enjoyable.