The Difference between Publicity and Marketing

Due to advancing social media usage clarity between what publicity and marketing are has become blurred. Many now use the terms synonymously however, they fulfil different functions, or should. This article aims to clarify the issue and help authors in particular understand how to employ each. Note: Though it is principally authors this is being … More The Difference between Publicity and Marketing


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How Should One Read a Book? by Virginia Woolf (October 2020 Edition) – Editorial Review

The reader’s independence is a primary focus in Virginia Woolf’s essay. Consequently, she clearly states her intention is not to give direct advice but to share thoughts which will hopefully help the reader find their own path. An intent that is successfully achieved. Her suggestion is readers approach each book with an open mind, without … More How Should One Read a Book? by Virginia Woolf (October 2020 Edition) – Editorial Review

Author Spotlight – Jill Dobbe

Caveat: The following has been gleaned from information in the public domain without the prior knowledge of the author. Consequently, the writer bears no responsibility with regard to accuracy. All information has been interpreted or reproduced ‘as found’. ‘Jill is an international educator, travel writer, amateur photographer, and author of three travel memoirs who writes … More Author Spotlight – Jill Dobbe