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Born for Life: Midwife in Africa by Julie Watson

This is the author’s second memoir regarding a midwife’s life and experience. The first ‘Born for Life: A Midwife’s Story’ incorporated much about her own personal growth, life and experience. This latest one deals with the time she and her husband spent at a missionary hospital in a remote part of Zambia, Africa. It is … More Born for Life: Midwife in Africa by Julie Watson

Book to Screen Opportunity – Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Competition

Most authors will undoubtedly love to have their book(s) made into a film. It is a goal many aspire too but few, very few, ever see accomplished. The Screencraft competitions are therefore very welcome, especially as there are not many such opportunities available. Caveat: The following information is provided ‘As Is’. No endorsement or guarantee … More Book to Screen Opportunity – Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Competition

National Novel Writing Month – Who For?

Most authors, especially those who are active online, will have encountered reference to NaNoWriMo (the acronym principally utilised when referring to the programme) at some point in their career. Though the programme commenced its existence in 1999 it has never been discussed in this website blog. It is about time that omission was corrected. Though … More National Novel Writing Month – Who For?

Writing/Review Opportunity – BookLife Non-Fiction Contest

The large number of independent (indie) author books being published each day are making it more and more difficult for authors, especially unknown indie authors, to gain public exposure. Consequently, it is worth their while to consider other opportunities for getting their works published and/or reviewed. One primary aim for this website and blog is … More Writing/Review Opportunity – BookLife Non-Fiction Contest

Adapting Books for Film

This article is principally aimed at authors, though others, screenwriters/scriptwriters for instance (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘screenwriters’), may also find the content of interest. Where an author is fortunate enough to have someone interested in converting their book to film they should be looking at how they may assist the screenwriter in the interpretation … More Adapting Books for Film

Antitrust Investigations and Authors

  The term ‘antitrust’ is primarily used within the United States of America but has worldwide implications.     ‘In the United States, antitrust laws are intended to stop large firms taking over their competitors, fixing prices with their competitors, or interfering with free competition in any way.’ (Collins Dictionary) ‘Preventing or controlling trusts or … More Antitrust Investigations and Authors

Writing Opportunity – Missouri Review Competition Deadline Approaching

  This is a reminder that the deadline for entry to the Missouri Review Jefferey E. Smith Editors’ Prize is:   Tuesday 1 October 2019     Complete submission details and conditions and how to enter may be found in the previous notification: Writing Opportunity – Missouri Review – 1 October 2019 All those who … More Writing Opportunity – Missouri Review Competition Deadline Approaching