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Three abridged memoirs (Resilience Series):


Tears of Innocence (1/3)

At the age of five this young girl suffered a loss which was to have a massive impact upon the rest of her life. Her innocence, loving nature and incredible naivety combined with her natural beauty where taken advantage of by family and strangers. After escaping from attempted sexual abuse she falls into the hands of an occupying force who torture and violate her and leave her for dead. Rescued by a local family she is ultimately, after many hardships, restored to her relatives through whom she meets a foreign national. Domestic violence leading to attempted suicide, near insanity and the contemplation of murder follow.


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Please note: Some of these reviews were made in respect of previous editions that no longer exist. The book is substantially still the same; it is mostly metadata that has changed.

Below is a list of short quotes from each review. To view the whole simply click on the quote.

I would like to thank these people for not only taking the time to read my book but for also being considerate enough to write and post a review.

‘While this autobiography is steeped in family relationships, it’s also about war,politics, and daily lives changed by struggle. Perhaps this is one of thefacets that leads Tears of Innocence to be so striking: the juxtaposition of innerstrife with equally-challenging wider world changes:’

‘I usually make notes when reading a book for review. It must be an indication of how engrossed I was when I barely made a note or highlighted sections.’

‘I liked this story because it was so real.’

Please Note: The above reviewer uses strong language throughout. He makes no apology for this stating quite clearly it is just his way. It is not a reflection upon the books themselves.

‘So many times I felt as if I wanted to throw my arms around her and give her a hug. I admire the strength she had to carry on in her attempt to find happiness.’

A brilliant tribute to a brave and courageous woman you cannot help but admire more than any other writer whose biography I have read. Every woman should read this book and gain strength from it.

‘What a powerful story of courage and overcoming.’

Please remember the ISBN, ASIN and prices quoted in some of the above reviews are no longer valid. To view, sample or purchase please use the links under ‘Retailers‘ above.

tr100-72dpi-1500x20005Negative Beauty (2/3)

Having gained her freedom from an abusive situation this naïve woman looked forward to a peaceful and contend life with her young son. But life, lust and fate had other ideas. Besides the hardships of single parenthood when it was socially unacceptable she had to also endure continuing unwanted attention from both men and women. Lesbian violence, pimp intimidation, rampant jealousy, gunman, love, lust, homelessness, financial difficulties and a host of other situations led to several serious suicide attempts. Her salvation lay with her son and those few wealthy, highly positioned and powerful individuals she was privileged to meet. Nevertheless, wherever she turned a challenge always faced her.


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I enjoyed reading Negative Beauty. It is not only an interesting memoir it also give great insight into viewpoints of the time and shows just how much society has moved forward in their attitudes to women.

tr100-72dpi-1500x2000-1Lost Dreams (3/3)

After years of abuse, endless struggles and, through no fault of her own, many failures, this gentle woman decides a change of lifestyle may be for the best. Several relocations, both within her adopted England and back to her homeland, eventually follow. Nevertheless, many ‘challenges’ continue to trouble her and yet again, her historic naivety and innocence are taken advantage of. She faces the potential of being shot, knifed and cut into pieces and has encounters with her homeland’s native wildlife; deadly snakes etc. Then, on top of all that, she witnesses the degrading abuse of relatives that she is powerless to prevent. Ultimately abandoning her dreams, she returns to her adopted country hoping for peace. But, it was never to be.


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Her memories of her homeland were of kind people who supported each other; where there was no abuse and where people don’t take advantage of others. But time and events change places and people.

Semi-biographical fiction (Novels and Short Stories):


It can and does happen: A chance encounter that leads to romance, love and fulfilment. Equally, such an encounter may lead to fear, sorrow and loss. Both are met in this tale that crosses national and social boundaries and within which unwarranted evil plays a far too real part.

In all innocence the protagonists go about their daily lives occasionally taking in divergent activities out of curiosity or in the interest of learning more about life. Being caring and kind hearted both fail to understand why they are constantly warned about helping others. Ultimately, after numerous twists and turns, the truth behind these warnings becomes manifest with results never anticipated or expected.


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When I started reading I felt this book was going to be a light read but the intrigue and intensity sneak up and before you know what has happened you are drawn into feeling the scope of emotions the characters do.

TR100-72dpi-1500x2000Loving Maria

Though Maria longed for a family of her own, she was not prepared to allow the conventions and expectations of society to manipulate her into a marriage of convenience. To her an arranged marriage or one without love were anathema. However, will she be able to withstand the pressures, demands and expectations of society and church doctrine? Her natural beauty combined with her caring, loving and intelligent character as well as her marriageable age do not help. While some quietly admire and hope, one becomes an obsessed stalker and another decides no one else has a right to her and contemplates steps to ensure she becomes his alone. Will Maria be able to withstand all the pressures or will she be forced to accept the life of compromise she has been determined to avoid or will her life be forfeited in the effort?


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I was left feeling troubled that even though Maria who had so much going for her she was still at the mercy of the powers that would have her submit.

Bitches Series:

HerNxDr - AE1 - Front Adjusted for CS Temp - 2 Digital Final


Her Next Door

(Bitches Series #1)

Excited at the prospect of her own home this naïve innocent looked forward to enjoying the good company of neighbours she could share with. But …………

A short story.


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‘But will those dreams be ruined by the neighbours and their activities? She is naïve and naivety can be taken advantage of; or can it?’

‘The quality of the writing is neat and clean. …….. The use of setting for thematic purposes is also well done.’


‘I highly recommend this little gem. …….. The quality of the writing is neat and clean. …….. The use of setting for thematic purposes is also well done. …….. At first, we’re not sure if Tara’s mental “red flags” are real or if she’s merely hyper-sensitive on account of her past. You’ll have to read it to find out.’

RG - Front Final + 2


 Reverse Gear

(Bitches Series #2)

What thoughts crowd a jealous woman’s mind? And where do they lead? Is it simply cerebral imbalance? Or: Is it an unrelenting evil?

A short story.


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‘It is well written short story that I enjoyed reading in one sitting. It moves along smoothly and quickly without neglecting descriptions of emotions and thoughts. The physical side of romance is treated tenderly and sensuously without any offence to the reader.’

Slithering Deception - Final

Snake in the Grass

(Bitches #3)

Earlier doubts are slowly subjugated by apparent sympathetic consideration. But, had it all been a deception?

Can we truly trust? Can we really believe? Can we?

A cautionary tale based upon true events.

A short story.


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‘It is also interesting to read how situations are more complicated for those who live in rural districts, parochial communities and countries that don’t have the services of more affluent nations.

I love how the author ties chapter titles in with the book title eg – The Slither, The Spit and The Strike.’

Off Balance 3


Off Balance

(Bitches #4)


Is a hurtful past justification for a lustful present?

What happens when licentiousness is allowed to take control?

A tale based upon actual events.


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‘In the previous narratives of the ‘Bitches’ short story collection her main character suffers at the hands of others mainly due to her naivety. In Off Balance she is the victim of a person whose experiences as a young woman have shaped her attitudes, sexual desires and greed.’


FL - Front - Red 3 (7_18)




(Bitches #5)

Had it been motivated by love? Or had it been lust?

Had it all just been a daydream? Would they, could they, know happiness?


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‘The story centres around Felina’s greed, social aspirations and uncaring attitude, not only towards her husband, but also her two children.’


(Bitches #6)

Despite the job being in a city she did not like, the suggested possible salary caused Tara to ignore her usual caution, if only just to have a look.

But she will come to regret it.

The people and circumstance were hardly what she had expected as neither were the consequences.


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‘Another good short read from the pen of TR Robinson.’


‘I felt a great empathy for the main character.’


The Blonde Brunette

(Bitches #7)

Though reluctant to leave the people she had known for years, Tara was grateful for the opportunity to break her almost twenty-four hour, seven day, work regime.

Will the new job be all she hopes?

Will she be free from the habitual, unwanted, exasperating, attentions of men, and some women?

Will her innocent, naive nature lead her into danger AGAIN?


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‘Once again, Robinson has delivered an engrossing short read in her Bitches series.’

Backstories (Revelations Series):

(Short reads about: Life, Memories, and Experiences):



The Hammer

(Revelations #1)

Could the innocence of your child be instrumental in saving your life?

The terror of an abusive spouse,


The innocence of a young child.



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Broom Attack

(Revelations #2)

Have you ever encountered difficult managers at your work?

Have you suffered at their hands?



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