One or two spaces?

Though the debate regarding whether it is correct to enter one or two spaces after a full stop/period appears to have abated, it remains a relevant topic. Perhaps even more so because an increasing amount of retired people have taken to public writing. Also, as explained further down, the subject has an impact upon the … More One or two spaces?

Editing Your Own Work

If you are a new author, you may consider ‘edit’ and ‘proofread’ to be interchangeable terms. They are not! Though there may be some overlap, in principle and action they are very different processes. For more information on proofreading see ‘Proofreading Your Own Work’. In editing the intention is to ensure the resulting publication is … More Editing Your Own Work

Getting Self-Published books into Bookstores

Any self-published author who has tried will affirm how difficult it is to get a self-published book into a bricks and mortar book store. Why? The following is a conglomeration of information, ideas and thoughts obtained from a variety of sites and places. First, some of the concerns and problems surrounding this topic will be … More Getting Self-Published books into Bookstores