Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews 2018 by Gisela Hausmann.

The title of this book really says it all. This is a realistic and practical guide upon the subject of authors getting reviews for their books. Some may even consider it brutal. But it is a fact that truth is often merciless nevertheless, if an author honestly wants to get the best they can for … More Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews 2018 by Gisela Hausmann.

What is Fair Use?

    Note: In some legislations ‘Fair Use’ is known as ‘Fair Dealing’.     A recent article Creative Commons outlined how copyright holders may grant open permission for others to copy, edit, build upon, etc., their copyrighted works. Though there are fundamental differences, ’Fair Use’ is, in a sense, an extension of this facility. … More What is Fair Use?

Creative Commons

  Though the term tends to be used loosely Creative Commons (CC) is in reality an organisation that grants licences.       What is a CC licence? Founded in 2001 the organisation has defined an alternative to standard copyright by filling the gap between full copyright, where use is not permitted without permission, and … More Creative Commons

Antitrust Investigations and Authors

  The term ‘antitrust’ is primarily used within the United States of America but has worldwide implications.     ‘In the United States, antitrust laws are intended to stop large firms taking over their competitors, fixing prices with their competitors, or interfering with free competition in any way.’ (Collins Dictionary) ‘Preventing or controlling trusts or … More Antitrust Investigations and Authors

Brexit And Authors

  Understandably, the title of this article will initially and principally attract authors based within the United Kingdom (UK), nevertheless, it may help those based in other territories to also take note.   Obviously Brexit impacts upon all aspects of UK life and business including the book industry. Even if the decision to bow out … More Brexit And Authors