15 Twitter and Instagram #Hashtags for Connecting with Readers

Anyone who has used social media for a while will be familiar with #hashtags and their purpose. Nevertheless, just in case someone new to social media is reading this, here is a brief overview. Hashtags are a way for users to highlight content as being relevant to defined topics, themes, events, conversations, etc. In effect … More 15 Twitter and Instagram #Hashtags for Connecting with Readers

What is HTML?

Anyone who manages a website, blog, or other digital interface will have encountered references to HTML. But exactly what is HTML? The acronym stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the standard language utilised in the creation of web pages. Tim Berners-Lee, a physicist at the CERN research institute (The European Organization for Nuclear … More What is HTML?

QR Codes and Authors

Advanced technology, smartphones, lightweight tablets, etc., has increased online activity so that it now forms a substantial component of most people’s lives, even those in the retirement bracket. Along with this the use of QR codes has also developed and become an increasingly popular method of connectivity. This article will consider: what a QR Code … More QR Codes and Authors

Creating Characters

It is a generally held concept that the best on-page characters originate from the author’s detailed knowledge of them. How can this be when, in most instances, they are not real people? That is the question this article aims to answer. Of course, characters may be based upon observations or even people the author is … More Creating Characters

New Year 2021

Globally 2020 was a difficult year and not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Continuing conflicts and widespread commercial demise, with consequent unemployments, abounded. Many of these commenced prior to the pandemic but there is no denying it exacerbated the situation in many instances. It would be easy for people to allow themselves to be … More New Year 2021

Christmas 2020

As the name implies Christmas is a christian event celebrating Christ. It is when christians are reminded of God’s gift of redemption (saving from the eternal consequences of sin). There is also a message for ALL people irrespective of whether they adhere to the Christian faith; another faith, or no faith. ‘Good Will To All … More Christmas 2020

Survey – Author Newsletter Content

Followers of, and visitors to this website and blog will be aware a newsletter facility has recently been established. Details of proposed content have been published in the newsletter overview available under the Resources tab above and in the introductory post. However, subsequent consideration has led to the thought that, to provide the best experience … More Survey – Author Newsletter Content