Amie: An African Adventure by Lucinda E Clarke

From the start readers will recognise this author has an excellent command of words. The way the scenes, emotions, tensions, etc. are conveyed draws the reader in enabling them to easily visualise the situations, disappointments, apprehensions and fears the protagonist, Amie, encounters and experiences. Occasionally it may appear the author is going to go into … More Amie: An African Adventure by Lucinda E Clarke

Sleeping with the Blackbirds by Alex Pearl

Please note: this book is classified as ‘YA’ (Young Adult), which is an unusual review genre for this website. It may help comprehension of subsequent comments and observations if the official synopsis is set out first. ‘About Sleeping with the Blackbirds: Eleven-year-old schoolboy, Roy Nuttersley has been dealt a pretty raw deal. While hideous parents … More Sleeping with the Blackbirds by Alex Pearl

Assessing Book Review Ratings

One thing to always remember, whether a reader, an author or, hopefully, both, reading is primarily a subjective experience (excluding instruction, text and similar books of course). Each person is unique, special and different something that must always be allowed for. After all, everyone wants their ideas and thoughts taken seriously and consequently should grant … More Assessing Book Review Ratings