May I use and share the information and products made available through this website, blog, and associated accounts?

Subject to you and those you share with accepting all the published information and products are subject to © copyright, YES.

Please Note: Copyright means the information and products may only be used and shared ‘As Is’. In other words they may not be reproduced in any other format than that supplied.

How will any information I share with this website and blog be used?

Please see this website’s Privacy Policy.

My email address has changed. How do I update my information?

To continue receiving the newsletter and notifications of latest posts you will have to re-subscribe to both. (Each has a separate subscription panel.)

To stop emails being sent to your previous address you will need to unsubscribe from one of the sent emails. (The unsubscribe option usually appears in the footnotes.)

The website home page states everything is provided free. Is that really true?

Except for published books and subject to copyright, as outlined above, YES.

There are no hidden charges.

English is not my first language. Can I read articles and posts in my primary language?

You will find a translation option for articles and posts in the website footnotes.

Please Note: PDF documents, presentations, podcasts, etc., cannot be translated. These will only be available in British English.

How do I download a document made available through the website, blog, or associated accounts?

A download option should appear on screen toward the bottom of the document. Occasionally a download button may also be displayed alongside or below the document. If neither option appears, please email support@trrobinsonpublicaitons.com with the details.

Once downloaded to your device you will have the option to print or save the document (or both).

How do I find information on a topic I am interested in?

You have two options.

1) Click on a relevant category in the righthand sidebar list; or

2) Enter a relevant keyword in the search box. (Available in righthand sidebar.)