An infographic is generally a condensed visual presentation of information that comprises minimal text.

The aim is to provide easy-to-understand overviews for specific topics.

Infographics are useful ready-reference aids which may be kept handy as quick reminders. (Sometimes referred to as Desk Aids)

A number are available here.

These may be accessed from the table list below.


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These may also be downloaded and printed.
7 Proofread Steps
8 Editing Processes
8 Book Reviewer Tips
Computer Security
7 Ways to Stay Safe Online

Note 1: When viewed and downloaded these infographics may show fullscreen. However, when printed they will be normal infographic size. (A computer’s zoom facility may be used to view in normal size.)

Note 2: Though the infographics are provided in colour they may be printed in black and white by selecting the appropriate function in the print dialogue panel.

Details of new infographics will be added as they become available.

Also available at Slidshare.

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