Review Policy

Due to many demands there is less time available for reading than would be liked. This also means it can take several months to complete a book, even a short one. Consequently, choice of reading material has to be circumspect.

Preferred genres:
  • Memoir.
  • Autobiography.
  • Biography.
  • Biographical Fiction.
  • Psychological fiction.
  • Some adventure.
  • Some suspense.
  • Some mystery.

Note: T. R. Robinson’s own writing primarily falls within the memoir, autobiography and biographical fiction genres. Hence the preference for those genres.

Excluded genres:
  • Erotica. (Never!).
  • Most Romance.
  • Most Science-Fiction.
  • Anything containing over graphic sex scenes.
  • Anything containing over graphic violence.
  • Anything containing excessive bad (strong) language.
Publisher preference:

Self-published books are generally, though not exclusively, given priority.

Traditionally published authors, though required to undertake some publicity and marketing themselves, have the weight of the publisher’s mechanisms behind them. Independent (indie) authors do not have such an advantage and are therefore required, unless they have the means to pay excessive amounts, to undertake all publicity and marketing upon themselves. It is considered only right and fair that independent authors support each other as much as they can. Of course, as far as possible, this should be reciprocal.


Bearing in mind the above criteria; requests for book reviews may be submitted using the form on the ‘Contact’ page of this website or by e-mail.

Please Note: There is a constant backlog. Consequently, if a book is accepted for review, it may be considerable time before the review is published. Please also note: all reviews will be honest; this is not the place to expect, anticipate or demand an unwarranted high rating. The Review Ratings Policy provides further information upon how ratings are assessed in this website.

Author’s will be informed, and provided with the url, once a review is available.