Book & Writing Competition Notifications

In a recent post Poll – Usefulness of Competition Notifications followers and readers of this website blog where requested to indicate whether they found notifications of book and writing competitions useful. There has been minimal response therefore, unless there is any dramatic indication to the contrary, the decision has been taken to no longer publish … More Book & Writing Competition Notifications

Poll – Usefulness of Competition Notifications

Over recent months occasional notifications of writing and book competitions have been published in this website blog. However, in the absence of any feedback, it has not been possible to judge whether readers and followers have found these useful or if publishing such notifications is a good use of resource. Consequently, it would be appreciated … More Poll – Usefulness of Competition Notifications

Book to Screen Opportunity – Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Competition

Contest now closed. However Screencraft continues to host contests. Click logo below to access information. Most authors will undoubtedly love to have their book(s) made into a film. It is a goal many aspire too but few, very few, ever see accomplished. The Screencraft competitions are therefore very welcome, especially as there are not many … More Book to Screen Opportunity – Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Competition