Why Authors need to get their First Draft Finished

Whether experienced or not, all authors need a first draft. Why? What is its purpose? What is a first draft? Questions the following discussion is intended to address. Until a first draft is finished, whether it be a book manuscript; magazine article; newspaper column; social media post; etc. the author or writer has nowhere real … More Why Authors need to get their First Draft Finished

Self-Editing a Book

Over the years a number of articles have been published in this website which are aimed at helping independent authors produce the best quality manuscript they can. Some were published a long time ago and may not have been seen by those just starting out on their writing career. The following is a resume of … More Self-Editing a Book

Publishing with CreateSpace

Disclaimer: Other than utilising their systems for the publication of books, neither T. R. Robinson nor T. R. Robinson Publications are employed by, personally connected with or affiliated to, CreateSpace or its parent company Amazon. Note: The information contained below is primarily intended for new and inexperienced authors. Those familiar with self-publishing will probably not … More Publishing with CreateSpace