Making the Most of Pinterest – Part 1: Keywords

Note: Various relevant and related articles are linked to from within the text below. However, for those who prefer to read through uninterrupted, a complete linked list is provided at the end. This, the first of two articles relative to using Pinterest to the best advantage, looks into Keywords. The second Making the Most of … More Making the Most of Pinterest – Part 1: Keywords

Authors and Social Media

This article was inspired by some self-posed questions: ‘Do authors have to be everywhere on social media?’ was the instigating question. This morphed into: ‘Do authors need social media?’ and ‘Do authors have to use social media?’ These resulted in this article that will attempt, in measure at least, to address those questions. Before continuing … More Authors and Social Media

The Business of Being a Writer by Jane Friedman

It is difficult to do this book justice in a short review. It is indeed a remarkable and comprehensive aid, especially for those new to the writing world. Note ‘writing world’ rather than authoring because this covers far more than just authoring books though it does of course also deal with that. To clarify it … More The Business of Being a Writer by Jane Friedman

Using Social Media Scheduling Software Effectively

  Two previous articles considered the matter of social media scheduling:   Social Media Scheduling reflected upon the usefulness of having a scheduling system; and Scheduling Software looked at a couple of available options for auto-scheduling. This article is an extension to both and aims to help users gain the most from their scheduling systems … More Using Social Media Scheduling Software Effectively

Scheduling Software

In a previous article Social Media Scheduling the usefulness of, if not to some extent the necessity for, a scheduling system was discussed. This article, that centres primarily upon the availability of third-party scheduling software, is a follow-up to that discussion. As any internet search will reveal, there are a substantial number of companies offering … More Scheduling Software

Instagram and Authors

Though, other than the out of date statics, the majority of what follows remains relevant it was felt an update would assist authors and others in their use of Instagram. Consequently, two new articles have been published: Instagram for Authors – Part 1: Why Use; and Instagram for Authors – Part 2: How to Use Note: … More Instagram and Authors

Pinterest for Authors

Not another account to manage! No doubt many self-publishing authors will react that way. Life is hectic enough with having not only to write, format and publish but also publicise and market books. On top of which there is the need to constantly interact with readers, fans, followers, customers etc. No matter the perspective taken, … More Pinterest for Authors