Author Brand – New Podcasts: Hosted v Self-Hosted Website & Website Design

Podcasts, by facilitating multitasking, enable busy people not to miss out on information they may want or are interested in. In addition, the on-demand and ease of access nature, makes them an increasingly popular medium; as evidenced by the amount of people going about their business with earbuds inserted or headphones adorning their various hairstyles. … More Author Brand – New Podcasts: Hosted v Self-Hosted Website & Website Design

Website Sitemaps

It is not always necessary to understand how the mechanics behind a website operate nevertheless, it does no harm to have some knowledge and comprehension. Such understanding may become useful in the future. The issue of whether an author, or entrepreneur, needs a website has been previously considered in Why Have a Website. A sitemap … More Website Sitemaps

SEO – Keywords

Definitions ‘A significant word mentioned in an index.’ (Little Oxford English Dictionary) ‘A word used in a computer system to indicate a document’s content.’ (Little Oxford English Dictionary) ‘A term used as a keyword to retrieve documents in an information system such as a catalogue or search engine’. (Unknown) ‘An index term, subject term, subject … More SEO – Keywords

Search Engines

Please note: This is only intended to be an overview. Though more information and details are available they are not considered relevant to readers of this post. What is a Search Engine? These are software systems designed to search both the World Wide Web (www) and their own databases for information. How they actual work … More Search Engines